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Introducing RosenView® Access

Keeping with our tradition, over 3 decades, of providing the latest technology and the highest quality products for the aircraft cabin, we have expanded our offerings to include a new family of products.

Our NEW light-weight HD Smart displays are capable of hosting select apps and storage of media content such as movies, audio files and briefings. Our Media Input Panel allows customers to bring on HDMI devices or content on USB and stream to our Smart displays or to personal devices. Monitor and cabin control functions can be done via our Touchscreen Control Unit,  PED’s or IR remote to provide monitor and cabin control functions.

Rosen Product Catalog

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  • Smart Display Hosts Content and Apps
  • Content Streaming and Sharing
  • Connects to Aircraft Wi-Fi via Ethernet
  • HDMI, SDI, USB, Composite Inputs
  • USB Charging
  • Supports Cabin Briefings
  • Flight Information Banner
  • System Control Options: PED, PCU or IR


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