Top-to-Bottom Advocacy

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A Mission of Advocacy

Our mission may be simple, but it’s powerful.  In advocating for each of our stakeholders, we’re ever mindful of their sometimes competing desires, and define our success through their collective satisfaction.

Because of our values, Rosen Aviation turns imagination into reality.

Our Values:

Pursuing Trust

Effective advocacy requires trust.  We nurture that trust through transparency, accountability, and integrity.

Owning Our Outcomes

Accountability and personal responsibility is a big deal at Rosen Aviation. Simply put, if you pass the buck, we’ll pass on having you on our team.

Devoting Ourselves

We need teammates that are invested, and so do our stakeholders.  We hire only those that demonstrate pride in their work, and enthusiasm for being part of something bigger than themselves.


Rosen Aviation owes its reputation for skill and proficiency to nearly 40 years of aviation industry experience, a team of dedicated employees, sophisticated solutions and millions of miles of trouble-free air travel. Whether during front-end development, mid-stream testing or final production and delivery, Rosen’s proven expertise means our customers’ goals are always in trusted hands.

We don’t want teammates who aren’t invested, and our customers don’t either. That’s why we hire only those who demonstrate focus, pride in their work and enthusiasm for solving the day’s challenges. Our clients enjoy:

  • Zero defects guarantee on all Rosen products & solutions
  • 100% On-time delivery
  • Compliance expertise
  • Over 40 years of industry experience
  • Blemish-free performance history
  • Full custom solutions for cabin experiences
  • New ideas and advanced technological capabilities
  • Complete oversight of the entire project

Our culture intentionally supports a self-directed workforce dedicated to our mission and values.

Our mission is further supported by our cultural philosophy of “freedom within a framework,” where leaders provide a framework of information, objectives and policies and teammates are required to take action, make decisions and establish methods.

In short, our culture is designed for those who prefer self-directed goal achievement and its challenges over the comfort of routine activity, and for those who thrive in collaborative environments, not controlled ones.

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