Are NetJets and BAJit Revolutionizing Private Air Travel for the Masses?

NetJets and BAJit are both striving to make private air travel more accessible for the masses. NetJets offers fractional ownership in private aircraft, allowing customers to purchase shares in a jet and book flights at their leisure. BAJit is a ‘pay-as-you-fly’ charter service that allows customers to book one-off flights with no long-term commitment, making private jet travel much more affordable.

In spite of different business models, both companies are helping revolutionize the industry by making private air travel more accessible and cost-effective.

What Is NetJets?

NetJets is a leading private aviation company that provides members with access to a fleet of luxury jets for private air travel. Founded in 1964, NetJets currently has over 750 aircraft available for fractional jet ownership and jet card programs. The company offers aircraft ranging from light jets all the way up to ultra-long-range business jets, providing business fliers with unprecedented freedom and flexibility when it comes to their private air travel needs.

The company offers different programs for its members. For example, fliers have the option to purchase the NetJets Card, which gives them up to 25 hours of flight time and can be used on any private aircraft operated by NetJets. Once those flight hours are used, customers can purchase more hours at a later date. NetJets membership also includes comprehensive maintenance services for all its aircrafts in order to keep them running properly and safely at all times.

NetJets is one of the most trusted names in private aviation today and provides customers with an accessible option for luxury travel.

What Is BAJit?

The Book a Jet program (launched by the aircraft rental service ONEflight International) is a comprehensive charter jet service that provides private jet passengers with the convenience of booking and managing their flights online. With Book a Jet, passengers can book their private jet as far as six months in advance, allowing them to plan their trips with plenty of time to spare. Passengers can also choose from a variety of aircraft types, such as light jets, mid-size jets, and large jets, depending on their needs. Additional benefits of booking via BAJit include:

  • Access to a wide range of services, such as catering, ground transportation, pet transportation, child seating and pet care
  • Flexibility to modify an existing reservation
  • Customers use a metadata search engine which allows them to compare rates and find the most competitive deal for their private jet charter
  • Flexible payment options are available

Overall, the Book a Jet program is a great way for private jet passengers to book and manage their flights with ease, flexibility and without the commitment of purchasing shares. With a wide range of aircraft types, services, and payment options, passengers can find the perfect private jet charter for their unique needs.

How Are the Changes in Private Jet Travel Affecting Private and Charter Jet Markets?

The private jet travel market has seen immense changes in recent years, with an increasing number of travelers opting for the convenience and luxury of private air travel. Private jet companies are responding to this increased demand and customer diversification by offering more competitive pricing, more flexible trip options, and enhanced cabin features, such as high-quality cabin displays, reliable Wi-Fi and smartphone-controlled lights, temperature and IFE options.

Increasing competition is good for consumers, although it could put additional pressure on charter jet brokers who may feel compelled to enhance the cabin and passenger experience in order to compete with budget-friendly alternatives. Investing in state-of-the-art in-flight technologies can ensure your aircraft meets the needs of different types of business travelers, such as busy business executives, fussy celebrities and wealthy vacationers traveling with children and pets.

Rosen Aviation Helps Make Your Private Jet Accessible and Comfortable for All Passengers

As more air travelers are entering the private and charter jet market as passengers, it’s becoming increasingly important for private aircraft owners to set themselves and their aircraft apart from competitors.

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