Everything You Need to Know About the 2021 Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX)

This year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) and World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) will be held virtually, which is good news for global experts in the cabin and passenger experience industry who can’t make the trip to Hamburg, Germany. The Passenger Experience Conference is held simultaneously so professionals in both cabin design and passenger experience can collaborate and share ideas on modern air travel.

You can register for the expo, which will be held from September 14 through September 16, 2021. The organizers will be utilizing a special virtual platform and an AI appointment system that will allow attendees to see virtual demonstrations and connect with suppliers and partners as needed during the three-day event.

There will also be a number of influential speakers at the Passenger Experience Conference this year, including:

  • Ingo Wuggetzer: Vice President Cabin Marketing at Airbus
  • Juliane Trummer: Vice President Strategy & Design at Mormedi
  • Navdip Singh Judge: Chief Executive and Founder of flypop
  • Mariya Stoyanova: Director Product Development at JetBlue Airways
  • Anne Bigand: Passenger Experience Director at Alstom
  • Moderator – Cristian Sutter: Chief Executive Officer at Avensis Aviation

Why Is AIX Important to the Aircraft Cabin Industry?

People who travel in planes, even those who regularly find themselves in the air on business trips or vacation travel, might not realize just how robust and complex the aircraft cabin business is, or the logistical complexities of keeping cabins operating smoothly.

There are literally hundreds of companies like Rosen Aviation that develop new technologies and strategies for enhancing the passenger experience. Many focus entirely on narrow specialties like seating, materials for upholstery or flooring, in-flight plumbing, lavatories and hygiene, food and drink supplies tailored for cabin environments, HVAC for cabins – the list goes on and on.

AIX is an opportunity for a disparate array of industry experts to meet, exchange ideas, network with potential suppliers and business partners and be inspired by the latest and greatest innovations in the industry.

The accompanying Passenger Experience Conference provides educational opportunities and a forum for an exchange of ideas on matters currently impacting the cabin industry. This year the discussions will be focused on the realignment of air travel to cope with the pandemic’s new normal. While some of the concerns over COVID-19 as it pertains to air travel will fade with time, others – like increased apprehension about cabin cleanliness and air quality – are likely permanent.

The Crystal Cabin Awards

Every year hundreds of companies around the world strive to develop new cabin technologies and solutions that make flying more comfortable, productive, entertaining and cost-effective.

There are a nearly endless number of ways in which the cabin experience can be improved. Changes that empower flight attendants can make it easier for them to provide better service during flight. Comfort and lighting solutions can help passengers get more restful sleep on long flights. Improvements in cabin displays and audio solutions can enable passengers to get more out of their inflight entertainment (IFE). Certain materials or seating technologies can make flights more comfortable, give passengers more room or even fit more passengers into cabins without making them feel cramped.

Cabin improvements generally aren’t zero-sum innovations that only benefit aircraft owners, airlines, passengers, maintenance professionals or staff – they often often provide benefits for all parties involved.

The Crystal Cabin Awards highlight the best and brightest innovations of the previous year. They’re an opportunity for innovators to be celebrated and for other cabin enhancement professionals to be inspired.

This year’s Crystal Cabin Awards will be streamed live on September 15, 2021, starting at 3:15 CEST (9:15 AM EST/6:15 AM PST).

Rosen Aviation is proud to be among the companies that made the shortlist for this year’s special Clean & Safe Air Travel category with our Holographic Controller, and the Judge’s Choice category with our innovative vision for the future known as The Maverick Project

Other category nominees include:

  • CleanAir™ from Villinger, which harnesses ionized micro-electrodes placed in the cabin’s air ducts to purify air as it is recycled
  • Delta’s CareStandard protocol, a detailed rulebook for flight attendants to maintain maximum cleanliness and disinfection in their fleet’s cabins
  • The UV Disinfection Wand, a partnership between Boeing, Etihad Airways, Healthe® Inc and Far UV Technologies, uses a portable version of the UV light technology that’s used in doctor’s offices and HVAC systems to destroy viruses and bacteria
  • Smart Cabin from FTI Engineering, an AI suite that uses cameras coupled with software to take the temperatures of passengers, check for mask compliance and look for other potential warning signs of passenger infections
  • ION Technology from SEKISUI KYDEX, a special treatment that can be applied to or directly incorporated into cabin surfaces and is designed to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals

Learn More About Crystal Cabin Nominee Rosen Aviation

Holographic controllers are just one of the many exciting new technologies Rosen Aviation is developing to improve the passenger experience. We are always striving to develop solutions that bolster passenger peace of mind, comfort and confidence. New technologies that minimize physical contact are just some of the advancements that may become increasingly important in modern air travel.

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