Rosen at AIX 2024

Rosen brings 40 years of VIP aviation expertise to commercial airlines at AIX 2024 with the introduction of PO·RT·AL, Personally Optimized · Real Time · Augmented Luxury.

In addition to the Rosen PO·RT·AL, we will be demonstrating ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber seat-back OLED displays powered by the latest Qualcomm mobile processor as well as scalable digital window and skylight solutions made possible by the latest OLED technology. Going beyond display technology, we’ll also be launching a host of cutting-edge supporting technologies like Li-Fi connectivity, UV disinfection and dynamic, personalized audio. Lastly, we will be showcasing our full lineup of in-production 4K OLED displays, ranging in size from 22″ to 97″.

Our bespoke solutions are custom, not tailored, to exactly meet increasing customer demand and create a truly evolutionary passenger experience in a complex, integrated environment.