How Are Airlines Exploring Smarter Seats and Cocoons to Enhance Airline Travel Experience?

Cabin comfort is a hot topic of discussion in modern aviation. More people are flying and with greater frequency. Today’s passengers are being subjected to longer wait times that often include sitting and waiting on the runway for potentially hours. As a result, many flyers are willing to spend more on a higher-quality seat to avoid the most unpleasant discomforts of air travel.

In the U.S., six domestic carriers have already rolled out the increasingly popular premium economy upgrades to great success. Emirates had 160,000 passengers upgrade to premium seating in their first full year of offering it on select flights. Delta estimates that 35 percent of its revenue in the future will come from passengers upgrading to premium seating.

One of the ways in which companies are trying to meet the needs of the modern flyer is by fiddling with designs for smart seats and cocoons. The goal is to ensure everyone can enjoy optimal comfort, even while on a flight.

What Is a Smart Seat?

A smart seat is not so much a specific product (yet) but an idea that many companies have been designing prototypes around in different ways. The central idea is to design a seat that provides the average flyer with a premium seating experience that’s less stiff. LAYER, for example, has been engineering an airplane seat with a lightweight polyester textile fabric that can conform to your body. It works similarly to a memory foam mattress. This yielding cushioning can help passengers feel less stiff, limiting back and joint pain many can experience after a long flight.

Other airlines have been experimenting with the space around the chair to see if they can help passengers feel less cramped. Some cabin comfort designers have been designing seats with an automated track underneath that allows passengers to move back and forth and choose their desired amount of legroom. Universal Movement, on the other hand, has been adding cushioned wings to seats to enhance privacy and make resting heads far more comfortable for passengers.

You can learn more about these innovations and what they mean for the future of air travel in our blog here.

What Is a Cocoon Seat?

Cocoon seats offer a more enclosed seating experience either with a shell or pod-like design that closes passengers off from the aisle and their neighbors.

These prototypes – like this one from factorydesign – present an exciting opportunity for not just more space but also more privacy while on an airplane. Many passengers mourn the lack of peace and quiet while in the air, shoulder-to-shoulder with a stranger and the shrill screech of crying babies or bored children in their ear. A cocoon seat is structured to block you off from other passengers so you can enjoy a level of seclusion you would normally only expect to see on the ground.

How Robust In-Flight Entertainment Technology Can Help Passengers Relax and Enjoy the Flight

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