How Do Airlines and OEMs Monitor the Wants and Needs of Passengers When It Comes to Inflight Entertainment?

Airlines and manufacturers of IFE equipment pay a lot of attention to passenger surveys and studies to spot trends and stay ahead of the curve.

There isn’t just one type of flyer. What commercial coach passengers want and expect is different from what private jet flyers expect. There can even be a diverse swath of opinions within those specific groups of travelers, like the division between flyers who only want to use their personal device for watching TV and movies and those who still prefer the seat-back screen.

If there’s one thing these different types of fliers have in common, it is the post-pandemic expectation for stellar entertainment options. The relatively recent lockdowns got many people used to binge watching their favorite shows and streaming on-demand subscription services, like Netflix or Hulu. This variety of on-demand entertainment choices is causing many airlines and private jet carriers to step up their game and bring the ground entertainment experience to the skies.

Post-Pandemic Passenger Dissatisfaction

Paradoxically, the COVID-19 pandemic caused many commercial passengers to experience unprecedented satisfaction. Empty airports, short or nonexistent security check lines and extra space on airplanes made the flying experience a lot less stressful and much smoother than in the years prior.

However, the post-pandemic surge in travel combined with staffing shortages and expensive plane tickets is causing passenger satisfaction to plummet. As airlines are looking for creative ways to retain passenger loyalty and make the air travel experience as bearable as possible, they’re quickly realizing the key to redemption is improved inflight entertainment.

Which Airlines Have the Best Inflight Entertainment?

While some people are good at killing flight time with sleep, books or crossword puzzles, others prefer more on-demand, engaging entertainment options to occupy them in the air. Fortunately, cabin features like Wi-Fi or seatback screens can make all the difference.

Many U.S. air carriers have already recognized the importance of on-board Wi-Fi and are blazing new trails in terms of their entertainment offerings.

Among these airlines, Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines often rank the highest out of domestic carriers. JetBlue’s free Wi-Fi experiment as been a big hit, but their media library isn’t as impressive as Delta and JetBlue has been moving away from seatback screens. Some airlines are also offering access to streaming services, like Amazon Video in the case of JetBlue or certain prestige TV series from HBO, Showtime and Hulu in the case of Delta.

A handful of airlines are fully embracing personal device entertainment, to the dismay of passengers who would rather use the seatback screen, while others are sticking with the existing formula. There are still many passengers who appreciate not being forced to stream content on their tiny smartphone screen.

What Do Private and Business Jet Flyers Expect in Terms of Inflight Entertainment?

Private and business jet passengers’ expectations go far beyond settling for a bearable in-flight experience. Since flying in a private jet is typically a costly endeavor, customers expect top-notch service and plenty of inflight work and entertainment options.

This is where cabin display solutions from Rosen Aviation come into play. Rosen excels at developing innovative and elegant cabin experiences that set us apart from others within the aviation cabin experience industry.

Private and business jet owners who wish to create a stellar inflight environment conducive to work and pleasure, should consider learning more about our products and solutions.

Our variety of smart cabin displays are available in a range of sizes and allow passengers to share content from laptops or even conduct work meetings by connecting to the aircraft’s Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, Rosen’s unmatched Maverick Project offers a futuristic and sophisticated approach to business travel by introducing solutions, such as virtual skylights, holographic controls, OLED virtual windows, wireless device charging pads and more.

Create an Outstanding Passenger Experience with Solutions from Rosen Aviation

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