How to Find the Right Aircraft Hangar for Your Private Jet

When a private aircraft isn’t flying, it is typically either in storage or undergoing maintenance. When in storage, the aircraft is often kept in a hangar or outdoor facility so it can be easily and quickly accessed the next time it’s needed.

A hangar is a large structure used to store aircraft or other large vehicles. Hangars have large doors at one end that open to allow the aircraft or vehicle to be moved in and out of the building. They are typically built from metal and concrete and are often used in airports or military bases.

If you own a private jet, you will likely need to have a hangar to store it in to protect it from theft and the elements like rain, snow or hail during times you’re not flying.

There are several things to consider when selecting the right hangar for your private jet.

What Size Hangar Do I Need for My Private Jet?

Hangar sizes and designs vary greatly to accommodate the size of the aircraft that will be housed within it. Hangar sizes can range from a few hundred square feet to several thousand square feet or larger. In addition to size, hangars can also vary in design. Some hangars are open bays with no walls, while others have walls and a roof. Some hangars may also have additional features such as doors, windows and other amenities. To avoid theft and damage from bad weather, it’s best to store your private aircraft in an enclosed hangar with walls and a roof.

Where Is the Best Location To Purchase A Jet Hangar?

Consider the location of the hangar and how accessible it is. You want a hangar that is located close to airports and other necessary facilities. For convenient access, you should also choose a hangar that’s close to your home or business. If you choose to build a hangar instead of renting one, consider the cost of the hangar and its location. Is the area expensive to build in? Will the hangar be in an area with high taxes or fees? These factors can significantly influence the overall cost of the hangar.

Should the Jet Hangar Have Security?

Security and protection from theft is an important consideration for your private aircraft. Hangars are large, expensive structures that contain valuable aircraft and equipment. They require a comprehensive security plan to ensure their contents are safe and secure.

A good security plan for your hangar should start with physical security measures. Hangar doors should be solid, secure and equipped with a lock or security system to make it more difficult for intruders to gain access. Any windows should be securely sealed, and any access points to the hangar should be monitored and controlled. Additionally, a good hangar security plan should include external lighting and motion-sensing cameras to detect any suspicious activity.

How Much Will It Cost to Store My Private Jet In a Hangar?

Hangar rental costs can vary significantly from one location to another. Make sure to compare different options and select one that fits your budget. Hangars located in a more remote areas may cost less than hangars in busy, urban areas. Additionally, hangars located in areas with higher construction costs or that require a special permit may be more expensive.

Should Facilities Be Included When Purchasing Space In a Jet Hangar?

Consider the facilities the hangar offers, such as maintenance services, fueling and storage. These can be incredibly helpful if you need to make any repairs or refuel quickly.

Once you have a better idea of what you are looking for, you can start researching hangar facilities in your area. Look for reviews from customers, check out pictures of the facilities and contact the management team to get more information.

It may be a good idea to reach out to pilots and ask what hangar facilities they use and get their feedback on the service they have received. This can provide invaluable insight into the quality of the facility and the people who work there.

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