What Is a Cabin Management System?

A Cabin Management System (CMS) is a user-friendly interface which allows both crew members and passengers to control and adjust various aircraft functions, including lights, cabin temperature and audio-visual entertainment options.

Not all Cabin Management Systems are the same. Aircraft cabins are becoming increasingly complex and most private jet cabins now feature a host of features designed to enhance passengers comfort. Controlling all these features through a single, easy-to-use interface is a necessity in modern air travel.

What Does a Cabin Management System Offer?

Lighting Control

A CMS can be used to control cabin lighting. Having this feature included in the CMS of your aircraft allows passengers and crew to easily adjust the color and intensity of lighting. For example, lights can be brightened while passengers are working or dimmed to promote inflight rest and relaxation. Cabin crew can use various color schemes to create scenarios and indicate different stages of the flight, such as boarding, dining, sunrise or landing.

Inflight lighting has also been closely linked to jet lag. Exercising smart control over cabin lighting can help long-distance flyers better adjust to their destination.

Temperature Control

Not only can aircraft passengers use the CMS interface to control cabin lights, but they can also use it to control cabin temperature. Typically, this feature is centralized on large airplanes where hundreds of passengers with different preferences occupy the same space. However, small business or private jets that seat only a handful of travelers often allow each passenger to interact with the environment, including changing the temperature in the cabin.


High quality visual display is a crucial component of a CMS. The newest CMS platforms can interface with fully hi-definition (HD) systems, such as the Rosen holographic and OLED cabin monitors. These monitors provide passengers access to movies, flight maps, work presentations and more.

The screens are customizable and come in different sizes—they can take up as much space as your cabin allows or be small enough to serve as personal devices. Passengers can often connect laptops or other devices to displays, allowing travelers to watch movies on a bigger screen and share files and work presentations with others.


For a comprehensive and exquisite in-flight experience, many modern aircraft come with a full-surround sound. Several high-quality loudspeakers and subwoofers, like those from our audio partners at Devialet, can be placed throughout the cabin to create a theater-like experience. Such sound systems are typically customizable to provide the best sound experience possible for the unique cabin layout of your aircraft.

What In-Flight Benefits Does a CMS Offer?

A CMS allows cabin crew to offer flyers a sophisticated in-flight experience. It allows busy passengers to make good use of their flight time by creating a cabin environment conducive to both work and pleasure.

A CMS should also enable crew and passengers to access fast and interactive features, such as flight maps, a virtual office and entertainment. If your aircraft’s passengers prioritize productivity while being in the air, a CMS can help you deliver high-speed internet to conduct meetings, do research or share files. For those interested in relaxation and entertainment, a Cabin Management System can enhance passenger enjoyment of various IFE options.

Many exciting advancements are being made in Cabin Management Systems, with many newer iterations offering smart surface controls, voice controls and even learning passenger preferences.

Whether you own a new aircraft or purchased a used one, you can choose from a plethora or modern Cabin Management Systems to best suit the size of your aircraft and the needs of its passengers.

Rosen Aviation Offers Modern CMS Hardware Solutions

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