What Is a SMART Aircraft Cabin?

Commercial airlines are on a never-ending quest to enhance aircraft technology and make flying as enjoyable as it can be. The introduction of SMART aircraft cabins may enhance the passenger experience and make flights more enjoyable and comfortable for both frequent and infrequent fliers.

A SMART aircraft cabin system gathers and analyzes data pertaining to an aircraft and its passengers with the use of sensors and IoT (Internet of Things). The cabin crew can view and respond to this data via an airline crew app, which can be easily downloaded to a smart device. The result? Improved operational efficiency, which translates to fewer delays, improved safety and happier customers.

What Can a SMART Aircraft Cabin Offer?

The goal of a SMART cabin is to attract and retain loyal customers and make everyone’s time in the sky as easy and pain free as possible. To achieve this, a SMART aircraft system offers several features that provide crew members with plenty of real-time insight into what’s happening in the cabin, including:

  • Seat occupancy: Are all seats occupied? Are there any free seats passengers can move to?
  • Lavatory occupancy: Is someone occupying the lavatory during takeoff or landing? Does anyone need assistance?
  • Seats and tray tables: Are all seats upright with folded tables during takeoff and landing?
  • Equipment: Is cabin equipment, like beverage carts, properly secured?
  • Dining: Which passengers ordered special meals? Where are these passengers seated?
  • Luggage bins: Are all luggage bins closed and ready for departure? Is there any remaining bin space for passenger luggage?
  • Items left behind: Have any items been left behind in the overhead compartments?

What About Business Aircraft Cabins?

Flying on a private jet differs greatly from travelling on commercial airlines in terms of size, occupancy and comfort. However, many SMART features are useful on both major carrier flights and business or private jets. For instance, both types of aircraft can benefit from alerts about smoke in the cabin or changes in cabin pressure.

Additionally, many SMART features in private aircraft give passengers the option to control their environment. Since private jets don’t always have a flight attendant on board, they are typically equipped with modern technologies that enable passengers to make their time on board as productive and enjoyable as possible.

This technology includes features like temperature and lighting control, as well as the ability to work or enjoy IFE, like watching movies by connecting to on-board Wi-Fi. As technology further evolves, airlines and cabin designers will continue to explore innovative concepts, such as replacing aircraft windows with high-definition screens and installing exterior cameras to stream panoramic views of the sky, giving passengers a glimpse into what’s on the other side of the cabin walls.

Benefits of a SMART Aircraft Cabin

With SMART aircraft solutions on board, airlines, charter companies and business jet owners can reap a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Fewer delays due to inefficient boarding processes
  • Enhanced cabin safety
  • Increased operational efficiency of cabin crew (they can access real-time flight data from a single smart device)
  • Reduced workload and decreased stress of cabin crew
  • Improved passenger experience
  • Customer loyalty

Enhance Your Aircraft’s Cabin Experience with SMART Technologies from Rosen Aviation

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