What Types of Items Does the TSA Prohibit on Private Airplanes?

When it comes to items pilots and aircraft crew can take on a flight, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) imposes the same strict safety rules for both private and commercial jets. However, things tend to be a lot more lenient for private jet passengers.

If you’re flying on a private jet, there are no restrictions on what you can and cannot bring on board. For example, there aren’t any restrictions on flying with animals—instead of having to fly your beloved dog in the cargo area, she can stay in the cabin of a private aircraft with you.

There are also no limitations on how many ounces of liquids you can bring on board, meaning you won’t have to limit yourself to travel-size toothpaste or lotion. Passengers on private jets can bring full bottles of their favorite body care products and beverages.

If you’re looking to book a flight for you or your employees, you may be considering flying private. After all, the experience differs significantly from commercial air travel and offers plenty of benefits, like convenience, privacy and luxurious comfort.

Do I Need to Pass Through Security?

For the safety of everyone on board, you will still need to pass through security. However, you won’t have to worry about long TSA lines, taking off your shoes or putting your carry-on items in bins. Security for private jet passengers is a lot faster than for commercial flight passengers. You will also still need to show your ID or passport when flying private.

Are There Luggage Weight Limitations?

Private jet flights don’t impose limitations on the weight of your luggage. However, the smaller the aircraft, the less baggage can fit on board. Your luggage must also fit into a designated space within the cabin and not block the aisle. Keep in mind, your luggage will be with you at all times when flying private, which means you won’t have to waste time checking it in and reclaiming it at your final destination.

What’s the Inflight Entertainment Like on a Private Plane?

Flying private offers various amenities, including stellar inflight entertainment options, like high-quality displays for watching movies or streaming shows.

It’s not uncommon for business jets to be equipped with technology and amenities that allow passengers to host meetings, take important phone calls or deliver presentations while in the air. The privacy, high-definition screens and high-speed Wi-Fi available on private jets make all those things possible.

Is Food Served on Private Jets?

It depends on the jet. Some business jets and private planes with small cabins won’t have kitchens or food service, while others will have full-service galleys.

Unlike commercial airlines which only offer snacks or a limited menu of prepackaged food, private jets with kitchens can accommodate almost any meal request you may have.

Is Flying Private Less Safe Than Flying Commercial?

Private jets tend to be much smaller than commercial airplanes. Some passengers may assume flying private may not be as safe as flying a big commercial airplane. This couldn’t be further from the truth—flying both private and commercial remains the safest way to travel.

Like all other aircraft, private jets undergo regular maintenance and safety inspections, are often newer than commercial airliners and can be equipped with state-of-the-art safety features.

How Far in Advance Should I Get to the Airport if I’m Flying Private?

Airports typically have a designated terminal for passengers flying private. This means you won’t have to spend hours waiting to check in your luggage or getting through security. Expect to spend anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes at the airport from arrival to boarding the aircraft.

Enhancing the Private Flying Experience

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