What You Should Know About Smartphone-Controlled Technology for Your Aircraft’s Cabin

Smart devices like phones, tablets and watches have become a staple in many people’s lives. There are numerous ways in which you may be using smart technology to make your everyday life easier. Perhaps you use a virtual assistant to control the lighting in your home, order takeout using a smartphone app or track your workouts with a smartwatch. Some airlines and cabin technology developers wish to bring similar conveniences on board to enhance the passenger and cabin crew experience.

While smart cabin technology is still in its infancy, several smart features have already been tested and introduced in both commercial and business aviation.

Inflight Entertainment

To fight inflight boredom and help business travelers be productive, many commercial and private airlines offer highspeed Wi-Fi. Since so many passengers nowadays have access smart devices, inflight Wi-Fi makes it possible to stream movies, listen to music, message family or employees and even conduct business calls from their personal smart device. With complimentary inflight Wi-Fi, people have a choice as to how they wish to pass time during a flight.

Flight Information

Seatback screens are no longer the only option for staying apprised of a flight’s progress. By downloading a flight information app, or by logging into the airline’s passenger portal via their personal device, a passenger can access real-time information about their flight. This information often includes remaining flight time, ground speed, altitude and arrival time.

Advanced app features like cockpit view (accessing views from the cockpit using a smart device) are wow factors that can set airlines apart from the competition.

Personal Lighting

Smart technology or specially designed companion apps for private and business jets may allow passengers to control their cabin environment, such as lighting or audio, from their personal device. This feature is especially useful for busy or restless fliers looking to read or work while others are asleep on a red-eye flight.

Passengers on private jets may be able to use personal devices to control the entire cabin in terms of lighting, temperature and mood.

Luggage Tracking

Luggage tracking apps make it possible for passengers to track their luggage from the time they check it in to the moment it’s available on the baggage carousel for pickup. Passengers with a history of lost luggage or those with tight connection schedules can rest easy knowing their luggage has made it onto the plane with luggage tracking.

A luggage tracking app can be paired with Bluetooth technology to let passengers know when they’re near their luggage—this is an especially useful feature for passengers waiting to reclaim their bags at their final destination.

Monitoring Cabin Systems

Passengers aren’t the only ones with access to inflight smart technologies. Smart devices can be used by cabin crew to monitor various systems, including cabin temperature, lavatory availability, food and drink orders and more. A smart aircraft can improve cabin crew efficiency and create a more pleasant experience for passengers. Examples of how smart technology can help cabin crew and pilots include:

  • Accessing passenger occupancy
  • Viewing available seats
  • Checking overhead bins for space
  • Providing seat location of frequent fliers to provide enhanced service
  • Responding to passenger requests, such as meals, drinks and duty-free shopping
  • Communicating with other flight attendants using wearable devices instead of the intercom
  • Helping pilots manage preflight and postflight procedures
  • Using a smartphone or tablet for help with navigation and weather updates

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