Where to Get Design Influences for Your Aircraft Cabin Remodel

aircraft refurbishment experts are the best source for cabin upgrade ideas, providing both creative design ideas as well as an intimate understanding of aircraft certification processes. There are also quite a few industry publications and aviation organizations that compile some of the latest innovations in aviation design and technology. Lastly, various websites and apps can certainly spark inspiration for cabin upgrades and remodels.

Future Travel Experience, for example, has a page dedicated to cabin design and interiors. They also boast many resources pertaining to terminal design, hospitality, IFEC technology and aviation industry crew and staffing.

There are also a variety of conferences and expos geared toward cabin comforts. Red Cabin is hosting their Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit June 8th-10th in 2021. Fleet decision makers and jet owners seeking ideas for cabin remodels can learn about the latest offerings from dozens of exhibitors, such as Rosen Aviation, in the cabin technology industry by attending these industry events.

Aviation Business News is another frequently updated resource for all things aviation, including the latest on cabin amenities and design. Readers can search specific categories like IFEC, materials, cabin operations and carrier-specific updates.

You can also visit Aircraft Interiors International, an online magazine that’s all about aircraft interiors. Their website offers an industry insider view into the latest and most exciting advancements in cabin technology and designs. Many of the concepts covered in Aircraft Interiors are new or still in development phases, but they also include a lot of actionable ideas for people seeking cabin remodel options.

Aircraft Interiors is also a great resource for people looking for jobs in the cabin technology industry.

Aviation professionals interested in what’s new in cabin design and technology may also want to keep an eye on the latest Crystal Cabin Award nominees and winners. The organization – which is sponsored by companies like Airbus, Aircraft Cabin Management, Collins Aerospace, Boeing and ATR – recognizes some of the new innovations in cabin comfort and IFEC technologies.

Searchers seeking inspiration for cabin upgrades can also find an abundance of ideas on social media, like this Pinterest board for aircraft interior design ideas.

What Are Some of the Most Highly Rated Airlines Doing with Their Luxury Cabins?

There’s nothing wrong with turning to proven experts in cabin luxury for a bit of design influence. Renowned international carriers such as Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airlines have invested a lot of time and money into developing cabin features and styles that are popular with travelers.

Aircraft cabin remodelers should familiarize themselves with some of the luxury inflight experiences offered in these upscale cabins and suites. Singapore Airline’s 50-square-foot A380 suites, Cathay Pacific’s first-class suites, Air France’s La Premiere Class, and Etihad’s A380 First Class accommodations represent the pinnacle of major carrier cabin luxury. Rosen Aviation provides virtual windows found in Emirates 777-300ER Game Changer suites, giving passengers travelling in center pods an even better viewing experience than the real windows found in the port and starboard suites.

Virtual Windows featured in Emirates 777-300ER

At the very least, looking at what some of the world’s leading airlines do can give you an idea of what flyers expect from a premium cabin experience.

There are a few commonalities in many of these luxury suite concepts that reflect passenger desires:

  • Privacy
  • Comfort
  • Impeccable IFEC
  • Room and space to stretch out and sleep
  • Environmental controls
  • Full bathroom facilities
  • Reliably delicious food (extra points for renowned on-board chefs)

Aircraft owners, major carriers, regional airlines and charter companies may already have refurbishment partners that they turn to for cabin repairs and upgrades. Representatives at these companies will be more than happy to provide examples of in-stock material, lighting, carpet, seating and technology options.

Many companies that specialize in cabin redesigns appreciate the desire for uniqueness. If you have something specific in mind, chances are someone can make it happen.

An eye for style is certainly not the only thing to look for in a cabin upgrade partner. Every component that’s installed in a cabin, including the basics like carpets and seat cushions, need to meet rigorous safety requirements before they can be installed in an aircraft cabin. Companies that perform cabin upgrades, and develop and manufacture components, must employ specialized teams of mechanical engineers and quality control specialists familiar with FAA and EASA approval processes.

Industry reputation and a proven track record of past projects and products can tell you a lot about the potential partners you evaluate for your cabin upgrade. Cabin remodels are big jobs and a significant investment, so you should always analyze a company’s previous work and client referrals.

At Rosen Aviation we’re proud to stand behind our extensive experience and capabilities in custom and aftermarket cabin electronics solutions. We are committed to making air travel comfortable, convenient and above all safe for passengers.

Please read through our website and contact our team if you’d like to learn more about our experience and how we can supply cutting-edge electronic components for your aircraft cabin upgrade.