Which Airlines Have the Most Leg Room

Traveling by air can be a thrilling experience. However, the cramped seating on certain flights can make travel less than enjoyable. One of the key factors affecting your in-flight comfort is the amount of legroom provided by the airline.

Whether you’re a tall person, someone with limited mobility or you simply value extra space, you’ll want to know which airlines offer the most legroom, or “seat pitch.”

What Does Seat Pitch Mean?

Instead of leg room, most airlines use the term “seat pitch” to define roominess in rows. Seat pitch is the distance between the same point on seats in successive rows, like the measurement of the distance between the seat back in row one and the seat back in row two.

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways, a well-loved carrier known for its dedication to passenger comfort, continues to be a standout choice for legroom. In the standard economy class, JetBlue typically provides up to 38 inches of leg room with a typical seat pitch of 32 to 33 inches, which is notably more generous than many other airlines.

What sets JetBlue apart is their commitment to maintaining passenger comfort even in economy class. Their core offering, known as “Even More Space,” allows travelers to enjoy an additional four to eight inches of legroom, depending on the specific aircraft.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is another carrier known for its comfortable seating. Passengers can enjoy a bit more space with a typical seat pitch of around 32 inches in the economy class. Additionally, Southwest has a unique open-seating policy, giving passengers the flexibility to choose their own seat once onboard.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers optimal legroom with a standard leg room of approximately 31 to 32 inches in economy class. If you’re willing to upgrade, you can enjoy between 35 and 36 inches of legroom.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or looking for a more premium experience, Alaska Airlines’ legroom options can make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is also known for offering a balance of affordability and comfort. Passengers can expect a seat pitch of around 30 to 31 inches in their economy class.

Delta is also one of the major domestic carriers that has rolled out a “Comfort+” ticket, offering passengers an extra three to five inches of legroom with a seat pitch up to 35 inches. Comfort+ seats also come with additional amenities, such as priority boarding and complimentary drinks, adding to the overall enjoyment of the flight.

American Airlines

American Airlines, a prominent name in the airline industry, is committed to offering passengers a comfortable flying experience. In their economy class, American Airlines typically provides the industry-standard seat pitch of around 30 inches. What sets American Airlines apart are the “Main Cabin Extra” (their version of economy plus) seats, which grant passengers the luxury of extra legroom. These upgraded seats can provide up to six inches of additional space, bringing the seat pitch to a comfortable 36 inches.

United Airlines

United Airlines has a reputation for providing a wide range of choices when it comes to legroom. In their economy class, passengers can expect a seat pitch of approximately 30 inches. United’s Economy Plus seats go the extra mile by offering an additional four to five inches of legroom, making the total seat pitch around 34 inches. This upgrade option is perfect for travelers who desire extra space to stretch out during their flight.

Hawaiian Airlines

The length of Hawaiian Airlines’ flights makes roominess a higher priority for this destination airline. It’s no surprise they’ve gained a reputation for their commitment to providing a comfortable and spacious travel experience. Economy class passengers can enjoy a seat pitch that typically ranges from 30 to 32 inches.

Whether you’re headed to or from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, you can expect a decent amount of legroom to make your flight more pleasant.

Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines is a newer carrier that is quickly gaining a reputation for offering a comfortable and affordable travel experience to passengers.

In their economy class, passengers can expect a seat pitch of around 29 to 31 inches, which is rather competitive for a budget-friendly airline.

Elevate Your Travel Experience

Overall, when it comes to choosing an airline for your next journey, legroom plays a significant role in determining where you may book your next flight. While all airlines aim to provide a pleasant experience, some go the extra mile to ensure their passengers have more comfort throughout their flight.

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