Who Invests in Private Jets and Why?

With air travel making a remarkable post-pandemic recovery, an increasing number of American private investors and venture capitalists are investing in the private jet industry.

There are several good reasons for investing in private jets. As air travel continues to be in full swing, more and more business and first-class passengers are getting frustrated with the many hassles associated with commercial carriers. This frustration is leading to greater demand for private air charters.

Owning a private jet can be an intimidating purchase, especially if you’re a first-time investor. However, it can also be an excellent investment opportunity which you can benefit from in several different ways.

Private Owners

Owning and using a private jet for air travel comes with many perks. There’s no safer way to travel than in your own private jet. Not having strangers around you means you’re reducing the risk of catching and spreading airborne diseases. You also don’t have to worry about adhering to strict mask policies many international commercial airlines still enforce, which means you can travel at your own level of comfort.

When it comes to the safety of your aircraft, private jets are held to an extraordinarily strict maintenance schedule to ensure they’re safe to fly while you’re on board. Pilots who fly private jets must be trained and recertified every year to maintain their eligibility. When you fly private, you have control over every measurement of safety, including aircraft crew, maintenance professionals and the pilot.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of flying private is convenience. There are more private airports than commercial airports, meaning you have many more options to fly into and be closer to your final destination as opposed to commercial air travelers who only have access to a limited number of air travel hubs in each state.

Passengers flying on private jets never have to worry about crowded airports, long security lines, flight delays and airport staff shortages. When you fly private, you may be able to literally drive your car to the runway, have your sky captain take your bags and board your aircraft.

Corporate Owners

As a business owner, you may embrace private aviation for a variety of reasons. Other than the safety, security and flexibility, private flying allows you to manage your time more efficiently by skipping the time spent at commercial airports as you’re awaiting your flight.

It’s not uncommon for commercial passengers to spend anywhere from 90 minutes to several hours waiting to board their flight. As a private jet passenger, you can arrive at the airport 15 minutes before your flight. You and your team members can take advantage of high-performance Wi-Fi to finish any work you may have before arriving at your destination.

The privacy of a business jet also allows your team members to relax, huddle and move freely around the cabin without the typical restraints of commercial air travel.

Charter Operators

Not everyone who flies private will end up purchasing a private jet. This is where charter operators can capitalize on the growing demand for private and time-sensitive flights. When you invest in a private jet or a fleet or private jets, you can transform your purchase into a private jet charter service, attracting a large and diverse clientele of private aviation enthusiasts.

The market for charter jets is diversifying, which means flying private is no longer reserved for the wealthiest air travelers. Many domestic and international corporations as well as families with children and pets are seeing the many practical benefits of flying private. Modern charter operators have a greater opportunity to appeal to a much larger pool of customers.

Enhance Your Private Jet Passenger Experience with Innovative Technologies from Rosen Aviation

Whether your private jet serves you, your employees or your charter customers, you likely wish to create a meaningful private flying experience and stand out from your competitors.

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