Why Are Blu-Ray Players and Physical Media Still Ideal for Aircraft Cabins?

Not everything is available on streaming, but that’s not the only reason many private jet and business jet flyers prefer Blu-Ray over streaming. Connectivity in the air still isn’t perfect. Connection stability depends on the antenna a plane is using and the method by which internet is being captured by the jet. Even the best and most reliable in-air broadband connections aren’t perfect, and it’s difficult to maintain 100-percent uptime on many flights – especially international flights.

The drop-off of internet can be an annoying and disruptive event when passengers are trying to stream movies.

There’s also the matter of latency and bandwidth. Passengers must share the limited bandwidth available on a flight. It’s uncommon to have adequate bandwidth to watch 4k movies without any lag or quality degradation. Even if the capability does exist on a flight, other passengers likely won’t have the bandwidth to stream music or YouTube with flawless, uninterrupted quality.

Physical media like Blu-Rays don’t have those issues. You can watch any movies or binge TV seasons with exceptional picture and sound quality and no latency hiccups.

Multitasking and Saving Bandwidth

The other compelling argument for sticking with Blu-Rays in the sky is the ease of using Blu-Ray with bulkhead displays and the ability to save your phone or tablet for other tasks. It also allows watchers to save limited IFEC for other passengers to use.

Blu-Ray players are also multipurpose in that many of them can play a variety of different formats of media to deliver the IFE a passenger wants on demand.

High-Quality Bulkhead Displays

Rosen Aviation doesn’t just supply high-quality Blu-Ray players to facilitate great in-flight experiences. Our aftermarket catalog also contains more than a dozen different display options. Some displays are ideal for personal use while others are great for allowing multiple passengers to watch the same media.

The modular design of our thin and light bulkhead displays enables them to be easily mounted in a number of different ways. Displays can be flush mounted or be mounted with a front bezel or a bezel and back plate. Remote electronics boxes are available in sizes ranging from 22 inches to 55 inches.

The Benefits of Thin and Light Displays

Weight and space are always at a premium on flights. Dated electronics and various amenities in cabins can disproportionately contribute to weight in cabins. The ultra-thin design of many of our displays keep weight to a minimum without sacrificing resolution or image quality. All of our display products are DO-160 certified.

Media Input Panel

Another highly valuable addon in any aircraft cabin is a media input panel that has USB and HDMI inputs. Business travelers that want to put a teleconference or presentation on bulkhead displays can easily do so with the intuitive plug-and-play system.

Tablet Holders

Any cabin with Rosen Aviation’s plug-in displays can also benefit from convenient plug-in tablet holders. Without any additional wiring modifications, you can equip your cabin with convenient USB charger and tablet holder perfect for personal viewing, browsing or streaming.

Multi-Purpose Touch Control Unit

This high-quality touchscreen controller offers exceptional functionality in a compact package. It can display flight information, play HD video and control an array of cabin functions like window shades and lights.

Make the Most of Your Aircraft Cabin Experience

Whether our clients need high-quality displays and cabin control systems, a variety of media input options or a customized cabin comfort solution, Rosen Aviation is happy to assist. Our highly experienced team of designers, manufacturing specialists and quality assurance professionals know how to develop cabin solutions that elevate the passenger experience.

Contact us at 888-668-4955 to learn more about the capabilities of our team.