Why Your Aircraft Hangar’s Employees Might Have the Best Advice for Your Next Cabin Upgrade

When consumers are looking for advice on a particular topic, they generally seek out people who have opinions informed by real-world experience.

If you want advice on whether to fight a traffic citation you might ask the lawyer who lives next door. If you have an unknown medical concern, you might call your cousin the doctor. If your air conditioner is making a weird noise when it turns on, you’ll probably call your usual HVAC contractor or handyman.

We naturally turn to people whose opinions we value based on their proven expertise in a field – and who knows aircraft better than the people who work on them 40-plus hours per week?

Many people work in the aviation industry. Everyone from flight controllers and baggage handlers to cabin crew and pilots are professionally committed to enabling and facilitating air travel – but knowledge tends to be specialized. You wouldn’t ask a TSA agent how to fix a broken cabin light or a flight attendant how to refuel a 737.

Aircraft hangar employees – especially those who work in cabins – often have informed opinions on cabin technologies of all types. Whether a cabin has electrical troubles, plumbing problems in the lavatory, damaged seating or any other issue that impacts passenger safety or comfort, it’s the maintenance professionals who will be finding the answers and implementing the solutions.

That role often requires them to be familiar with advancements in passenger comfort, IFEC and other new cabin technologies. Like auto mechanics, aviation mechanics are required to learn about and understand new features since they are the ones who will be expected to install, repair and maintain those systems.

New technologies and cabin solutions aren’t all equal in terms of performance, longevity and reliability. The people who know this best are likely not the passengers who only spend a tiny fraction of their time using the cabin, but rather the people who work on them on a daily basis.

Winning over hangar employees is a key goal for many companies that specialize in aircraft cabin parts and technologies. If your company’s seats break easily, or your displays tend to short out , aircraft maintenance professionals will be the first to know. They see trends and problems before just about anyone else.

If part of your professional position involves making decisions about changes or modification to aircraft cabins, get to know the employees inside the hangar.

You can trust them to have invaluable knowledge and advice about matters relevant to your aircraft. They may also be able to offer actionable observations that can help inform your decisions about cabin upgrades.

What Makes Cabin Maintenance Professionals So Trustworthy?

Any company can boast they have the best cabin displays, IFE or Connectivity solutions, or lighting, but those can be just words and marketing platitudes. The professionals who see both performance successes and component failures can offer you an unvarnished opinion based on actual results. They also likely don’t have a personal interest in the success or failure of a third-party supplier, so you can trust them to provide an unbiased opinion.

Is Rosen Aviation the Right Partner for Your Aircraft Cabin?

At Rosen Aviation we believe we’ve earned the respect of our partners in the aviation industry through the quality of our work and the reliability of our products. We always welcome the input of fellow aviation industry professionals, especially those with frontline experience working with our products.

We’ve earned a reputation for designing, engineering and crafting top-tier cabin technologies and solutions that enhance the passenger experience.

Get in touch with our team by calling 888-668-4955 if you have questions about our products and services. Our cabin solution experts would be happy to explain how we work with partners to develop customized cabin solutions to create great travel experiences.