Windowless Airplanes and How They Change the Flight Experience for Passengers

Aviation geeks and regular air travelers alike often request window seats on an aircraft to marvel at the ever-changing landscapes below. If you’re stuck on a long-haul flight, looking out a window can be a wonderful way to fight boredom and admire the beauty of the world from a bird’s eye view. So why would airlines want to replace their cabin windows with screens?

The addition of OLED displays along cabin walls instead of windows may seem counter-intuitive, but our cabin technology visionaries at Rosen Aviation see it not as a replacement for cabin windows but an enhanced visual experience for passengers.

The Maverick Project

Our state-of-the-art Maverick Project aims to create a beautiful and seamless cabin experience. The Maverick cabin relies on OLED displays to create enriched window solutions.

The intent isn’t to replace real windows entirely. We’ve worked with original equipment manufacturers on windowless solutions but they’re not what’s commonly known as “virtual” windows. They’re actual windows capable of showing views of the outside world thanks to cameras installed on the aircraft’s exterior. This means passengers can still watch the plan take off and land as if they were looking out of a porthole window, but the view is much more panoramic and features different angles, such as what’s in front of the pane or what’s behind it. OLED displays are multifunctional, meaning they can also be used for business presentations, display the flight path and inflight entertainment, making it a great solution for both business and leisure travelers.

The Maverick Project offers much more than augmented window solutions. Our vision of sophisticated cabin solutions includes developing smart surfaces, such as fully holographic keyboards, menus and touchless buttons. These technologies are also proximity activated, a feature that’s highly sought-after in post-COVID air travel where minimizing physical touch points is ideal.

Augmented windows may seem like a futuristic endeavor, but they’ve already been tested and implemented by some of the world’s most renowned commercial airlines. For instance, Emirates has already equipped some of their first-class suites with enhanced digital windows (which are supplied in part by Rosen Aviation and our industry partners). Passengers in these suites can enjoy high definition outside views projected by several fiber optic cameras located on the fuselage of the Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

The Benefits of Digital Window Displays

There are many advantages of removing or reducing the number of traditional glass windows from aircrafts. Apart from producing expansive views and serving as business and entertainment tools, digital windows have a wide range of practical benefits:

  • They can reduce noise from the aircraft engines
  • The aircraft can become more aerodynamic and use less fuel
  • It can be a helpful solution for completely enclosed private suites with no access to traditional windows
  • Eliminating traditional windows can lighten an aircraft

The Future of Digital Aircraft Windows

Skeptics may assume that innovations in cabin window displays are not only costly but also redundant endeavors. At Rosen Aviation, we don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. We look for creative solutions that will allow passengers to immerse themselves in an unforgettable inflight experience. Advanced display technologies is one of the keys to making this happen.

The Maverick Project doesn’t end today. As private jet carriers and commercial airlines continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies, we continue to design and implement cabin displays that will propel air travel to new heights.

Redefine the Passenger Experience with Sophisticated Cabin Display Solutions from Rosen Aviation

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