Advanced Notice: 65″ and 77″ OLEDs by Rosen Aviation Available 2023, Even Larger Sizes to Follow

Rosen Aviation, cabin electronics experts headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, today announced new additions expanding their complete line of OLED displays with 65” and 77” units in development, with even more products and larger sizes to be announced soon. Both displays are part of ongoing STC projects and will be available mid-2023. Like all of Rosen’s

The Maverick Project – Design Society

Realizing the ever-changing technological landscape that represents both an opportunity and challenge for designers that desire sophisticated elegance, Rosen Aviation chose to leverage the latest in sensor and display technologies to create seamless control and unrivalled cabin experiences. Imagine a personalized environment that caters to users individually, hidden in plain sight until needed, with interfaces

Rosen Aviation’s Maverick Project Selected as Finalist for 2021 Yacht & Aviation Awards

Design et-al (Chester, United Kingdom), the publishing body that hosts the prestigious International Yacht & Aviation Design Awards each year, has selected Rosen Aviation LLC (Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.), as a finalist in the “Cabin Design – Concept” category for the 2021 awards show for their work on The Maverick Project.

Cabin Management Systems: Which are the Best for Retrofit?

Needed for controlling cabin environmental functions such as seat and cabin lighting, temperature, window-shade operation, galley functionality, lavatory lighting and controlling aircraft exterior cameras, the cabin management system (CMS) is a standard feature in every new business aircraft delivered. But which are the best for retrofit? Not all systems are the same. The composition of

Rosen Aviation Specializes in Design, Manufacture and Support of In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)

Rosen Aviation is the gold standard in cabin displays and owes it reputation for skill and proficiency to nearly 40 years of aviation industry experience, a team of dedicated employees and millions of miles of trouble-free air travel. Below is our recent interview with Lee Clark​, Senior VP Strategy at Rosen Aviation: Q: Could you provide our