Advanced Notice: 65″ and 77″ OLEDs by Rosen Aviation Available 2023, Even Larger Sizes to Follow

Rosen Aviation, cabin electronics experts headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, today announced new additions expanding their complete line of OLED displays with 65” and 77” units in development, with even more products and larger sizes to be announced soon. Both displays are part of ongoing STC projects and will be available mid-2023.

Like all of Rosen’s industry-leading OLED products, the 65” and 77” additions are ground-up aviation specific designs that boast best-in-class specifications in a sleek, lightweight profile. The 65” model is expected to weigh just 36 pounds, and the larger 77” is planned to tip the scales at only 43 pounds. Both all-in-one products will measure one inch in depth.

Lee Clark, Senior Vice-President Strategy at Rosen Aviation declared:

“The 22” through 55” OLEDs we launched last year have surpassed even our own expectations in market demand and sales, and I think we have an opportunity to eclipse our forecasts again with the latest 65” and 77” offerings. The larger sizes really highlight the amazing benefits from OLED technology. A comparable sized 65”+ LED display could weigh nearly a hundred pounds. We’re going to more than halve that number.”

Rosen advises customers to place orders as soon as possible amidst global supply chain issues, citing longer-than-usual lead times from suppliers. The cabin electronics provider noted challenges faced during the initial launch of their OLED line last year, and the innovative ways they overcame parts and material shortages that presented worldwide complications. Rosen says their internal systems are more robust and better equipped to handle any future uncertainty in the supply chain, but advanced orders are always recommended.

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About Rosen Aviation

Founded in 1982, Rosen Aviation has grown to become the gold standard in the global aviation display industry. With its Eugene, Oregon facility, Rosen is now a global leader in its three areas of business: aviation displays, sensor technologies and cabin electronics. Rosen has focused its technology strategy on providing solutions for an enhanced passenger experience in tomorrow’s aircraft cabin. Rosen advocates for its customers’ interests by delivering on its promise to provide Visionary Insight and Precise Performance.

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