Rosen and Devialet Partner for Integrated Aircraft Audio Solutions

Audio solutions specialist Devialet and aviation cabin electronics expert Rosen Aviation have entered an exclusive partnership to advance the inflight experience for end-to-end premium cabin design.

Rosen and Devialet are collaborating on the integration of audio, video and cabin interface solutions designed to be completely unique to aircraft interiors. Both companies reference their corporate culture alignment in addition to technical capabilities as part of a shared vision to redefine the passenger experience.

Devialet is completely vertically integrated. It owns more than 200 patents, including Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) and Speaker Active Matching (SAM). The company explains these technologies allow it to produce high-resolution acoustics in compact designs, such as its latest line of Phantom wireless speakers.

Rosen and Devialet say they will utilise their respective technologies to save space and weight while simultaneously generating differentiating experiences for business, VVIP and eVTOL passengers and crew alike.

“This partnership represents a new exhilarating adventure for Devialet, not only elevating the overall passenger experience, but on a deeper level that shows the intrinsic value of partnering with best-in-class technology and thought leaders like Rosen,” said Alexandre Kreuz, executive vice president of licensing and industrial partnership at Devialet. “We are eager to work together, learn from one another, and ultimately deliver experiences not possible anywhere else.”

“After years in the aviation industry, I don’t know that I’ve ever been more excited to formalize a partnership such as the one between Rosen and Devialet,” said Lee Clark, senior vice president of strategy at Rosen Aviation. “There are many synergies between the two that lead me to believe some of our most successful years are right in front of us. Together we will bring a high degree of strengths to one another, such as our specialized knowledge of aircraft certification and extensive understanding of the cabin environment.”