JOLED and Rosen Aviation to Co-Develop Medium-Sized OLED Solutions for Aircraft Interiors

JOLED announced a partnership with Rosen Aviation, specialists in aviation display technology, to develop and integrate medium-sized OLED displays into aircraft interiors.

Rosen and JOLED already revealed a “first illustration of their capabilities” with a 22″ 4K OLED display back in 2019. The companies say that they will launch new OLED displays in a variety of sizes at AIX 2021 (April 2021.

JOLED (Japan OLED) was established in August 2014 by Japan Display, Sony and Panasonic to produce OLED displays using inkjet printing technology.

In December 2017 JOLED started commercial low-volume production of its 21.6″ 4K OLED panels, at the company’s pilot 4.5-Gen line, and in November 2019 the company announced that it has started sampling inkjet-printed OLED display panels in its 5.5-Gen (1300×1500 mm) production line in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Mass production at the Nomi fab is planned for later in 2020.