JOLED and Rosen Enter OLED IFE Display Partnership

Rosen Aviation has partnered with JOLED to collaborate on the development and integration of medium-sized 4K OLED IFE displays, with functionality and styling optimized for the cabin environment

Aircraft display technology company, Rosen Aviation, has partnered with JOLED, a Tokyo-based manufacturer of 4K OLEDs, with the aim of enhancing the passenger IFE viewing experience. The companies will collaborate on the development and integration of medium-sized OLED displays into aircraft interiors, with functionality and styling optimised for the cabin environment.

The companies say that OLED displays offer advantages over some current technologies, including having thinner panels, reduced weight, wide viewing angles, enhanced colours, higher resolution, and nearly infinite contrast ratios. 

Naoto Hikichi, executive officer at JOLED stated, “As we manufacture medium-sized high-resolution OLED displays, we think that cabin displays are a very interesting and adapted application for us. Rosen and JOLED will investigate and develop a completely awesome and first-in-class display, which will fit with every kind of new well-being scenarios the passengers will live, feel, see and enjoy in future aircraft.” 

At 2019’s NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, Rosen and JOLED premiered a 22in 4K OLED display. At Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) 2021, scheduled to take place in April 2021 in Hamburg, Rosen plans to launch new OLED displays in a variety of sizes.

Lee Clark, SVP of strategy at Rosen Aviation stated, “New display and sensor technologies are set to radically change the passenger experience, and as a consequence, aircraft interiors. Versatility and personalisation of displays will be key for facilitating different onboard activities. By combining our expertise, JOLED and Rosen will develop innovative displays adapted to different use cases that enhance the passenger experience.”