Rosen Aviation collaborates with Satcom Direct

Eugene, OR, October 10th, 2017. Building on its legacy as the industry leader in cabin display, control and source equipment products, Rosen is pleased to announce its collaboration with Satcom Direct to provide RosenView Access products that are tested and certified to enhance the experience with SD Routers- SDR and Hubs.

“Rosen is excited to collaborate with Satcom Direct to provide customers assurance that when they install Rosen’s NEW RosenView Access products and SD components; they have been tested and certified to provide the best experience possible,” said Mark Cook, VP of Sales and Marketing for Rosen Aviation.

“Our collaboration with Rosen supports seamless system integration. By testing and certifying the products together, we have removed any guess work, made it easier for technicians to install, and know the system will perform straight away without technical glitches,” said Director of Hardware Products for SD, Jason Sperry.

About Rosen Aviation

Founded in 1983, Rosen’s initial focus was designing application-specific products for the business and general aviation industries.  That first vision has resulted in our becoming a leading provider of cabin electronic devices, including displays, controllers, and source equipment.  Serving both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs), Rosen offers a vertically integrated solution that includes R&D, design, manufacturing, and product support.  Our process focus and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned us numerous awards for excellence in product quality, on-time delivery, and product support

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