Rosen Aviation launches panels to display information on board

Two ‘Branding Panel’ 4K displays have been unveiled by Rosen Aviation, to provide static and dynamic information for passengers on commercial and business aircraft. The company is offering a 34in 21:9 display and a 32in 16:9 model.

With USB 3.0, Ethernet, wi-fi and HDMI connections, the panels accept contemporary inputs for either local or remote control. The bezels and protective screen cover are both field-replaceable. Sized specifically to fit where space is a premium, they can be located adjacent to entryways and galleys where boarding and disembarking passengers can easily interact with targeted information.

“The messaging potential is nearly limitless in providing passengers easy access to important information,” said Darrell Finneman, Rosen Aviation’s vice president of product development.

Rosen Aviation is a specialist in creating displays for cabin applications, with nearly 40 years of aviation industry experience.