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RosenView MX Configuration Options

The RosenView MX allows a number of user-configurable options to customize the look of the moving map display. In addition, user-generated aircraft icon, splash screen and briefing files can be uploaded.

Using the list below, select the values for each configuration option then press the 'Generate Configuration' button on the top left of this page or at the bottom of the page to generate the file to upload to the RosenView MX.

For additional help about a set of options, click the icon.

Configuration Name:

Note: Configuration name must be only alphanumeric characters A-Z or 0-9; no spaces allowed. Name is limited to 12 characters in length.

Localization Options Help

Option Value Description
Language Sets display language for information banner labels
Unit Format

Sets format for the units used for numeric values

English = Ft, MPH
Metric = M, KPH
Aviation = Ft, KTS

Time Format Sets format for local time to either 12 hour (AM/PM) or 24 hour format
Banner Label Color Sets color of data labels in the banners
Banner Data Color Sets color of data values in the banners
Background Color Sets screen background color for the destination summary and instrument views


Flight Path Options Help

Option Value Description
Flight Path Color Sets color for the projected flight path line
Flight History Color Sets color for the flight history line
Flight Path / History Width Sets width of the flight history line

10 = Maximum line width
1 = Minimum line width

Option Value Description
Pan / Zoom Timeout Sets timeout period (in seconds) to resume automatic cycling through zoom levels after no pan or zoom command is received
IR Source Configures the RosenView MX to use either the internal IR for commands from a remote control or to use an external IR eye

The RosenView MX supports three view types: Map, Destination and Instrument. The RosenView MX can be configured to support up to 11 views. Using the table below, configure the options for each view.

View Options Help

View # View Type View Duration (seconds) Zoom Level Bottom Banner Format

The RosenView MX allows the aircraft icon to be customized. Select one of the standard icons or upload a custom aircraft icon.

Custom Aircraft Icon

A custom aircraft icon file must be a PNG format sized for 128 x 128 pixels.

A custom splash screen can be loaded into the RosenView MX. The spash screen image replaces the default RosenView MX screen during unit power up

File must be a JPG or PNG file sized to 1024 x 768.

The RosenView MX supports playback of custom briefing files. Up to 16 briefing files may be loaded into the RosenView MX. Briefing files must be either .MP4 or .WMV format (20MB file size limit for each briefing file).

To utilize the cabin briefing functionality, the aircraft must have a Rosen briefing controller installed (Rosen P/N 0300-412).

Note: A maximum of 12 characters can be entered for the Display Name.

Briefing Display Name File
Option Value Description
Briefing Volume Sets the volume level for cabin briefings