White Papers

End of Life/Obsolescence – “Born to Die: Considerations in Obsolescence”

With the speed at which supply partners are able to present new tech to OEMs (as a result of new and alternative approaches to product development and R&D), more and more products will become “obsolete” soon after their first implementation into an aircraft – if not the same day. At Rosen Aviation, we consider this dilemma, and planning for it, a high priority, which is why we commit a substantial amount of time and effort into being ahead of the curve so we can better serve our clients, and better guarantee our own organizational health. While we take great pride in our efforts to mitigate EOL and obsolescence, we feel that sharing our knowledge and insight can better equip the industry, providing benefit for all OEMs and supply partners.

Mission Driven – “The Purpose-Driven Company”

Choosing between like suppliers can be difficult. Cost is certainly a factor, but how does that impact quality? In a globalized economy cost and quality are more frequently intersecting to meet market demands, making a decision all the more vague and difficult. An often-overlooked aspect in choosing a supplier (or any commercial enterprise in any industry) is that supplier’s mission and vision. We emphatically believe we have identified an effective balance between transactional responsiveness and company-wide investment in a clear purpose-driven mission – a balance that serves as a clear differentiator between competitive options and drives an organization to excel in all aspects.

Rebuilding the Commercial Airline Industry – On Display

Often when we think of the aviation industry, we think of cutting edge technology pushing aircraft higher and faster, or quieter and more efficient, or using state-of-the-art avionics to minimize operator error. An aircraft cabin can be a different story, an environment that often lacks technology and amenities we find commonplace at ground level. From a commercial perspective this is true of digital signage, a technology that is utilized in commercial spaces across the globe, yet is vastly under-utilized at 30,000 ft. Find out how incorporating modern display signage can play a pivotal role in restarting an industry halted by COVID-19.

Supplier Selection – “Technology, Trust and Turnover”

Demand for state-of-the-art technology is forcing OEMs to find new ways to rapidly, and frequently, incorporate the latest advancements into their airframes. Increasingly, consumers expect the latest technology in all their environments, be it in the home, their vehicle, or business jet. An outdated supplier selection process is one of the ways OEMs prevent themselves from earlier adoption of new technology in the cabin. Carefully vetted supply partners will help mitigate this obstacle by building a foundation of trust that focuses on joint benefit faster and sooner.